Ronny & Conny Volume 3


“The Pirate Analysis”    A Mini Play

Setting: Conny stands in front of the Theatre, dressed as a Pirate. She is singing a Pirate tune while watching people passing by. Aro, the parrot, is next to her, commenting the people’s reactions. A tourist stops. He wants to touch Aro to see if he is real.

Aro:      Canapé  Canapé

Conny: Hello Sir! My friend Aro wants to invite you to sit down on the canapé. By the way, my name is Conny.

Tourist: Nice to meet you Conny, my name is Vincent.

Conny: Nice to meet you, would you like to join us for a while? I would like to ask you some questions.

Vincent: Of course, my pleasure!

Conny: Is it your first time in Valletta?

Vincent: Yes, and it’s amazing! I’m so excited about the atmosphere in this City.

Conny: Where do you come from?

Vincent: I am from France.

Conny: How nice! I love to sing French Chansons.

Vincent: Really?

Aro:      Joly   Joly

Conny: Yes, but before I sing you some French songs, I have to ask you some questions.

Vincent: Whatever you want, Conny!

Conny: Would you like to be a Pirate?

Aro:        Pirate   Pirate

Vincent: Honestly I did never think about to be a Pirate myself, but I love  Pirates and I came especially to Valletta to see them.

Conny: So you love Pirates, but you don’t want to be one yourself?

Vincent: You know Conny, I have a job and a family and I think that my boss would fire me when he knows that I am a Pirate.

Aro:      Crab    Crab

Conny: But why do you love Pirates then?

Vincent: I love their cloths.

Conny: Only their cloths?

Vincent: I love also their courage and I think that they are very good navigators.

Conny: You’re right! I was a school teacher and I did some research about Pirates. One of my friends, Ronny, is a Pirate and he can tell you even more than me.

Aro:      Ronny    Ronny

Conny: At the moment he is very busy with his telescope. He sees things that other people can’t see.

Vincent: How do you mean?

Conny: He has the talent to look into the future.

Vincent: That sounds very interesting! Do you think that I can meet him somewhere?

Conny: Sure, next week we will have a Pirate Gathering at the Waterfront. Would you like to join us?

Vincent: Yes, that would be great! And by the time, I promise you, I’ll get rid of my tourist outfit!

Conny: Don’t worry about that. Tourists are very welcome in Valletta!

Aro:      Tourists      Tourists

Conny: The Pirate Gathering is about sharing. There will be music with real instruments, a huge banquet and everybody will dance together!

Ronny is looking through his telescope: He sees people dancing.

Birgit Albrecht        Valletta 28/01/2016

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