Ronny & Conny Vol. 5


Ronny and Conny are sitting in the “Good Mood Food Restaurant” waiting for a “Crunchy Season Salad” that attracted their attention on the menu.

Ronny: You know Conny, when I watch the other side of the sea through my telescope I see a young farmer sitting in a field crying.I try to find out what kind of fruit or vegetable he is cultivating, but can’t see nothing: The field is empty !

Conny: Perhaps it’s not yet the season to come to maturity for his plant.

Ronny: Could be, but why he is crying then ?

Conny: You mean he is crying because his plant did not come up ?

Ronny: Yes, that’s exactly what my intuition tells me.

Conny: Just let me think a minute, we are now at the beginning of September. We should go through all plants that come to maturity before September.

Ronny: Good idea, but this is the case for so many different crops.

Conny: True , and then we don’t even know why his plant doesn’t grow !

The fat waiter of the “Good Moof Food Restaurant” brings two giant “Crunchy Season Salads”.
Ronny and Conny are inspecting carefully the food: A hallucinating brightness of colours reflect in their eyes.
Bon appetito ! Bon appetito ! commente Aro who is sitting on an ultra modern foot lamp in the corner of the restaurant.

Conny: Don’t you think that the tomatoes haven’t got a strange taste ?

Ronny: I would say they don’t have any taste at all !

Conny: To come back to the farmer, I would suggest that we go to interview him. What do you think ?

Ronny: Wait, just let me check if I can sharpen my view.

Ronny gets up, walks to the open door and brings the telescope to his eye. After a while he comes back to the table, where Conny is selecting different colours of her salad.

Ronny: You won’t believe it Conny, but what I see now is absolutely crazy: There are hundreds of farmers in the field now and they are not crying but shouting with their hands in the air ! One of them carry a white fabric with black letters on it: GMO

Aro: GMO !! OGM !! MOG !!

Ronny: We have to find out what these letters mean !

Conny: I’m not sure, but I think that I have crossed these letters before in a textbook. Let me check.
Conny takes her Textbook Collection Bag, then tries to find the page:
Abbreviations: GGG….


Conny: Found ! GMO Abbreviation for : Genetically Modified Organism

Ronny: I think this is quite alarming. There is danger ! We should go and help them. Say we’ll leave tomorrow morning at 5 o’clock with my Pirate ship.

Conny: OK, make sure that we have enough water on board and some grains for Aro.

All three leave the “Good Mood Food Restaurant” where the waiter finds two half finished salads.

The next morning they charge the Pirate ship with jars of water, a barrel of rum, one big jute bag with gains for Aro and of course with Galletti and goat cheese.
They crossed the sea in 10 days through strong currents and unpredictable changing winds. Aro got a strong diarrhoea. Ronny and Conny were not sure if it was due to his stress or that there was something wrong with the grains.
Arrival in Montepagro, a small village where people live exclusively of agriculture:

Ronny: Now we have to find the farmers that are so angry. They won’t demonstrate more than 10 days in the street.

Conny: Let’s go to the local pub and speak to the people. I’m sure that there will be at least one of the farmers who knows what happend.

Aro: Pub Arrrrrh ! Pub Arrrrh !

On the way they meet a couple with a boy: Look Daddy, there are Pirates !!

Ronny: Good afternoon,we are looking for the local pub of the village,can you tell us how to come there?

Boy’s father: Of course, but it’s quite a long way. You have to follow this road till the end, turn to the left and then a while you find a square with the local pub.

Ronny: Thank you so much ! Have a good day !

Boy’s father: You’re welcome. I dreamed my life to see a real pirate one day and here you are just in front of me. I guess I won’t sleep a wing tonight. This is so exciting !!

Aro: Exciting ! Exciting !

The Pirate team arrives at the local pub: Montepagro’s Beer Bar “THE BARBEER”.

Conny: Look’s nice ! Oh Ronny, I’m so thirsty !

Ronny: So am I ! Aro, you stay outside ! We can’t take the risk that we are thrown out of the pub before we got the information we need. And we don’t know if the people here are used to parrots with diarrhoea.

Aro: Aie Aie Captain !

The two pirates pass the door. It takes a little while before the noise level drops. The pub is completely packed: Men with beer mugs, small shots. Then all eyes turn to Ronny and Conny.

Ronny: Good evening ! We are thirsty after a long walk and we would like to have a drink.

The crowd moves to each side of the space by encouraging the two to get their way trough to the bar.
The barman, a huge guy with a big beard: Can I help you ?

Ronny: Two beers please !

Barman: You are not from here, aren’t you ?

Conny: No, we are from the other side of the sea and we would like to talk to the people who live in this village.

Barman: We don’t like people who are too curious ! What do you want to know ?

Ronny: We think that the farmers of this village are in danger and we want to help them.

The noisy conversation between the customers starts again. Suddenly one of the farmers grabs a pitchfork to get the attention:
This guy is right ! Today all of us are in danger, because we lost our work. There is no harvest this year and we don’t know how to feed our children !

The crowd gets excited again.

Ronny: May I ask why there is no harvest this year ?

Farmer: We don’t know. We extracted the seeds of our tomatoes like every year to sow them in the fields.
But the plant didn’t come up. Now we have nothing to do than come to the “Barbeer” and have a couple of drinks.

Conny: We will try to help you, but first we have to figure out why the seeds of these tomatoes didn’t come up. I have already an idea.I was school teacher in the past and I found something in my textbook that can help us to explain.There is this abbreviation GMO which means: Genetically Modified Organism.

A farmer: That’s right! 10 days ago we were in the street to let the people know that we had no harvest this year and I saw somebody carrying these letters.

Ronny: So somebody of your colleagues know the meaning of these letters ?

Barman: You know not everybody can read and write in this village. There’s only one school and that’s it.

Conny: And you, do you know to read and to write ?

Barman: Of course I know ! The problem is that we have two camps in this village: One camp wants to make money and the other one wants to live close to nature. The one that wants to make money is ready to use pesticides and sell genetically modified vegetables. They promote their products by emphasising that they
have bright colours and don’t go to rotten as fast as the others. The only problem is that the seeds become sterile so that they won’t work for a following season.

The crowd begins to shout and to gesticulate. Conny tries to get the attention.

Conny: Ah, now I understand better ! This is what we call the monopole of “Monsantito”.
This company sells sterile seeds so that the farmer has to buy them each year again to get a harvest.

Ronny: I think we have a lot of work to do in the following days. First of all we have to find the director of this company. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t know how to handle a sword !!

Everybody is laughing. The crowd gets more and more excited.

Conny whispers into Ronny’s ear: I would like to introduce Aro to the pub now. He’s already waiting more than an hour outside.

Conny brings Aro into the bar.
Conny: We want to present you our parrot Aro. Unluckily he had a bad diarrhoea last week. We are not sure if this is due to stress during the cross over of the sea or if it is because of the grains he ate.

Aro: Monsantito ! Monsantiti ! Titi !

Ronny: I think we have already the right answer ! But let’s have a drink all together now folks!
And thank you for excepting us as Pirates. Cheers to all our friends who love nature! Cheers !

All: Cheers !!!

Script written by Birgit Albrecht Valletta 07/10/2016

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