Ronny & Conny Vol.4


Setting: Conny and Aro, the parrot, are in front of the Theatre. A man with a hat and a walking stick passes by. He looks first at Aro, then at Conny.

Man: What are you doing here?

Conny: We are here to do some interviews with people who pass by.     We want to know what they are thinking and how they are thinking.

Aro:     Curious   Curious

Man: I think that is a quite good idea. I was a Captain before and I met many people in my life. When you are a Captain you speak to many people of different countries.

Conny: I can imagine. We also talk to many different people. That makes life so exciting and you can learn every day something new!

Captain: Tell me something about your hat you wear.

Conny: It’s a Pirate hat.

Captain: Well, I can see that, but don’t you know that women can’t be a Pirate? They neither can be a Captain!

Aro:    Captain Conny    Captain Conny

Conny: Funny that you say that. I was a school teacher in the past and I did some research on piracy and I discovered several women pirates.  Let’s talk about Ching Shih. She commanded the “Red Flag Fleet”.      This Chinese woman instilled fear in the hearts of merchants across the China Sea in the early 19th century. A real Pirate Queen!

Conny begins to sing: “She was a Pirate Queen, and it is it is a glorious thing to be a Pirate Queen! Oh, better far to live and die , under the brave Red Flag I fly, than play a sanctimonious part with a Pirate hat and a         Pirate heart…..”

Captain: I,m impressed my Lady, but when you look at the rules of the Navy, women are not allowed on ships. People say they bring bad luck.

Aro:    Good luck     Bad luck

Conny: That’s because authority in a man’s society is based on power and  less on competences!

Aro:    Show him    Show him

Conny takes her sword and cleans it with her handkerchief.

Captain: Oh, I see! Well, I think I will go home to see if my wife has prepared my lunch. She is a very good cook!

Conny: What is her name?

Captain: Agatha.

Aro:      Agatha      Agatha Christie

Conny: Ok, send my greetings to Agatha and tell her about this famous Chinese woman. She will love it!

Aro:    Love it     Love it


Birgit Albrecht            Valletta 07/02/2016



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